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Wednesday, January 23, 2013



My Favorite Tutorials!!!!!!

This is a list of all my favorite tutorials! I think that I would die if someone else made this. Please be sure to keep a medic at hand.


1. Swirl and Beads (Cut Out and Keep)

2. The basic wire ring (Jewelry Making Journal)
3. Bow (I Spy DIY)
4. Heart (I Spy DIY)


1. Button necklace pendant (Think Crafts)
2. Leather Leaf (I Still Love You)
3. T-Shirt flower (Stay-At-Home Artist)

Bird Nest Pendant


1. Beaded wrap bracelets (Make it and Fake it)
2. Fishtail friendship bracelet (Oh So Pretty the Diaries)
3. Ring bracelet (Sweet Verbena)
4. Friendship Bracelets (Purl Bee)

T-Shirt Bracelet

Sequin Wrap Bracelet

The Mystery Braid

More stuff coming soon!

Wire Rings!


Wire Rings!
So it turns out that making a wire ring is super simple... even I (who is scared very easily by instructions with more than 5 steps) can make them! These are SUUUPER cute gifts to make in a flash... yay! They're cheap too, all you need is a bit of wire and some needle-nose pliers.
You can also use a few beads to pizzazz-up your ring!

Okay! Here we go!

  1. Gather supplies: Wire (I used 14 gauge) and needle-nose pliers (opt. beads)
  2. Fold the wire in half (when I say in half I don't mean down the middle... just into to sections. It's actually better if the fold ISN'T in the middle.)
  3. Wrap the folded wire once around the finger of your choice
  4. Use the pliers to style the remaining amount of wire however you please!

For some cool ideas, go to

Here I will show you some of the cool tutorials and pictures that I found that inspired me.

Click here (Pinterest)

And Here (More Pinterest)

Thanks for reading!




Today I posted my first song on a website called MuseScore. I dunno how good my song but I liked it! Please check it out by clicking here!!! If you have an account please comment. If you don't then comment on this page! I appreciate your guys' effort (if you did listen to it that is). My username is PercussionPlease. If you get an account, share your username with me!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pardon My Virtual Dust...

Hi again! Today is the first day of trying to figure out how this blog works. I can't seem to create categories yet, so instead of spending hours on how to make a "Jewelry" and "Beauty" and etcetera button, I am just going to do this for the time being:

To find something quickly, type on of these categories into the search bar to find all the posts under it.

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Jewelry
  • Music
Yup, that's it! Happy reading!

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Skin Regime


Lotion Time! (Day 1 of SR)

Today marks the start of the Skin Regime! Creating healthy skin/hair/nails/whatever without having to slather on 50 different chemicals!

Nobody likes dry skin... it's a fact. But with all of the chemicals in today's lotion sometimes I feel like I don't want to put lotion on. Seriously, who wants to put stuff on them that is 99% chemicals??

So today I introduce to you... coconut oil!

I think I may be in love. Based on the picture you can see that I have used a portion of the jar already. To use coconut oil you just scoop part out and rub it on. Coconut oil is non-scented and is solid when at room temperature. To learn more about it click here.